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“Smart Bodies Smarter Minds has been one of the most significant health-improving concepts I have incorporated into my life. 

Rohan has a unique teaching style and ability to connect, meet and understand my wellness goals.

His holistic advice for the development of mind-body energy integration has helped me achieve a satisfying work-life balance.

I feel holistically so healthy, so empowered, and so strong. He effectively teaches the foundations for complete wellness.”


Dr Sue Shepherd 
Advanced Accrediting Practising Dietician

"Just had an awesome weekend with Smart Bodies Smarter Minds...just absolutely blew us all away.  Look forward to next time."

Jeff Erikson

“Rohan is one of my colleagues that I really trust the most. I love his breadth and depth of knowledge.  I love his holistic approach to health and I love what he has to share on strength training and emotional signatures, and the different mix of modalities that he has brought together.  It is really powerful and he has a really interesting delivery.” 

Lisa Vance 


I took my 11 year old son to see Rohan on a recommendation from or Naturapath.

With an ASD diagnosis, severe anxiety and behaviour problems, I have tried multiple strategies over the past 4 years with very little success.
I honestly went in without to many expectations, but after just 2 sessions, I was extremely impressed. 

Rohan has been one of the very few people to connect with Koby, and takes the time to understand him and his individual needs.
His sessions are engaging; keeping Koby focused and interacting on a more personable level.

We have, as a result had many improvements in his behaviour & better recovery times after meltdowns.  
He has become stronger physically and mentally, and more self aware. 

We are extremely grateful for every session with Rohan. Finally we feel we are on a successful road to Koby becoming a awesome version of himself.

Marsha & Koby

"I work in the mining industry in Indonesia.  I have attended the weekend wellness seminar and it was excellent.  You’ve exceeded all my expectations and I’d recommend it to anybody who is interested in the health and wellness or just interested in improving wellbeing.  The practical stuff was unbelievable.  You just have to try it!"


The Cessnock Community and Youth Development Project convenes a network of Youth Work professionals that meet bi-monthly at an interagency level. We recently engaged Rohan to present at our October Mental Health month themed meeting, which always has a focus of self-care. Workers in the Community Sector dedicate their working lives to caring and looking out for their client base, so I like to turn that around for this interagency meeting to encourage self-care.


Rohan really got what I was looking for and tailored an informative and interactive workshop that was perfect for our group based on the concept of plasticity and how it can be applied to our three fundamental intelligences IQ (cognitive intelligence) EQ (emotional intelligence) and PQ (physical intelligence). Our participants loved it and everyone walked away with really practical tips and exercises they could incorporate into their everyday lives to achieve the work/life balance they feel is right for them.


Thank you Rohan for your openness and enthusiasm to work with our group and to share your wisdom and calm with us during the presentation. We look forward to working with you again. 

Lakin Agnew

Cessnock Youth and Community

Development Officer

Cessnock Youth and Community

Development Project

"I had a fantastic week..weekend. I had problems with me lower back and I got that sorted...great advice.  It was just a fantastic weekend and I look forward to doing another workshop.  I learned heaps.  I can hardly remember it all, but I’ve learned a few techniques for stress, for core training and nutrition.  It’s gonna put me on a path for a better lifestyle."



"I just had the most awesome weekend ever.  I learned so much from your practical stuff as well as theoretical stuff and so many uses to better my life.  I would recommend everybody all learn this stuff. Thank you!"




"Just spent a weekend here with Ian and Rohan.  It’s been absolutely fabulous.  Hoping to take home and put into practice all that we learned this weekend.  Definitely was practical and highly recommend SBSM to others."

Pete and Nell 

The excitement my son felt every time he knew he was going for an appointment with Ro just made the efforts and experience working with him all the more worthwhile.


But he was actually working on my son’s eye tracking and self-regulation sensory needs with movement activities as well as incorporating relaxation and calming techniques.


Ro was so patient and engaging, my son enjoyed it thoroughly even to this day driving past the place where they used to work together the still remembers and wishes he could play games with Ro again.


Backed up with the decades of endless study, research and training that Ro has done you just trust his work implicitly and it pays off.  Thank you Rohan!  The wonderful work you did helped create the foundations we needed to assist Henry’s brain during the preschool years.


Henry's Mum

"Do not listen to this guy if you don’t want to get happier, healthier, stronger and have your life more on fire!


Rohan is the "Go To" man for the truth on wellbeing, true strength and optimal neural processing.


I have known Rohan to be committed, genuine and pretty darn humble, a very rare combination that supports both the novice through to the elite.


This guy always gets results."

Dr Ian Rufford 

Chiropractor, Quantum Neurology