The Process

WATCH Ro explain how the
Smart Bodies Smarter Minds Programs work



We take time to listen to your story and define what elements of your life are working for you and which are working against.


We start with a comprehensive 3 dimensional assessment of your fundamental intelligences - your

IQ intelligence quotient, your EQ emotional intelligence and your PQ physical intelligence.


We believe the relationships between these 3 fundamental factors play a key role in your present state of wellness.


From there, we construct a program that consists of analysing factors that have lead you to being where you are today.


Factors such as gestation, childhood trauma and illnesses, current emotional, nutritional, lifestyle and stress levels as well as genetic factors.

Programs include a variety of technologies and therapies such as Functional Electrical Stimulation, Laser Therapy, Sensory Movement Therapy and Virtual Reality. Each of these techniques is combined and applied in an individual way to suit your needs.




We then offer you a range of practical program choices that can either be in-clinic, home-based or a combination of both depending, on your requirements.