Our Programs

People in our programs have experienced substantial improvements in their sensory integration (improvements on how the brain and body communicate),  which results in them being able to deal with greater levels of stress in their lives without becoming fatigued, sick or injured. Each program is specifically designed for individual needs and is also very much concerned with the

Habitual Patterning effect ©

E-volve Seminars
For Groups - Our 1.5 hour presentation/workshops provide empowering solutions and teaches practical tools for use at work and home to build better quality lives. For more information & locations please contact us.


Ro speak about Embodied Cognition (how our movement effects our emotions)
BAP - Brain Athletes Program for Corporates

For Groups - A one-day high performance work/lifestyle program delivered in house to enhance performance.

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Ro demonstrating a brain body neurological integration pattern to students at a BAP presentation
Workplace Ecology
For Groups - A revolutionary new program designed to make your workplace feel better.  Our program fouses on increasing workplace satisfaction by lower negative stress levels.


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Ro testing the importance of stress on brain performance
Susan (mining industry Indonesia) speaking about SBSM Workplace Ecology Program