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The journey of Ro O'Reilly.


Hovercraft pilot, dairy-free ice-cream developer, artist model, experimental aircraft designer.


From childhood trauma to sensory movement therapist learn how Ro has spent 23 years helping people help themselves by utilising a system based on a combination of traditional health wisdom and the latest discoveries relating to human wellness.

Ro's methodology utilises stimulation of our 3 fundamental intelligences, IQ congnitive intelligence, EQ emotional intelligence and PQ physical intelligence to return us to our optimum natural state.


Ro is not a doctor or energetic healer.  He works as a conduit to connect people with effective resources to achieve maximum wellness potential.



(contains high level interaction & new thought propagation)

Ro O'Reilly
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What people say:


Excerpt from Training Executive Connetion (TEC) Better Leaders Retreat feedback


Most first time speakers with TEC struggle to get it right first time and while I know you have been speaking on the broad subjects you covered for many years now, the size of the group and the intensity can be a little off putting even for the most experienced speakers.


So I am delighted to say that your session was quite brilliant and you gained one of the highest scores achieved by a first time speaker.


All attendees score a speaker out of 5 in two categories; Firstly in the Presentation Skills and Content, but secondly and more importantly in the attendees’ Take Home Tools and Ideas.


Of the nine feedback sheets I received you received 4 5’s and 5 4’s for Skills and Content and a remarkable 7 5’s and only 2 4’s for Take Aways! – that’s 92% - a phenomenal first time speaker score which is reflected in the comments below:

  • Great to hear about different ideas for living, particularly moving in different ways to work our mind and body.

  • Wonderful! Great insight into a wide range of eye opening topics. Great ideas and takeaways.Breadth of advice – consistent.

  • Connected – lived the message.

  • Great takeaways.

  • New concepts and Challenges.

  • Physical movement linked to emotion and subconscious.

  • A fresh understanding and appreciation for the way the body works and meshes together.

  • I gained an insight into an alternative way to live. 1. Stretch in the morning 2. Exercise @ night to point the Glut 4 in the right direction and 3. Be more like kids.

  • Holistic approach to managing my body. Enjoyed the session and lots to take in.

  • First step for me will be looking into my daily routine and work out a checklist of how to improve my life.

  • Centre myself around the responsibility I must take around my choice of wellness.

Chair TEC 44

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