Our Programs

People in our programs have experienced substantial improvements in their sensory integration (improvements on how the brain and body communicate),  which results in them being able to deal with greater levels of stress in their lives without becoming fatigued, sick or injured. Each program is specifically designed for individual needs and is also very much concerned with the

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Training Programs
BBC - Brain Bootcamp

For Individuals - A 6 week practical, body mind intelligence training session gold targetted to meet individual goals.  Delivered in clinic or at-home or a combination of both.  


For Groups - A weekly, one-hour practical, body mind intelligence training session.




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WATCH Ro speaking about how movement grows the brain at
SBSM Brain Bootcamp
Grow Your Brain (GYB)

For Groups - A one-day practical course for stimulating and protecting your brain.


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Grow Your Brain (GYB)
The first practical one day course that shows you how to protect & stimulate your brain
Reboot Seminars

For Groups - A one-hour seminar demystifying neuroplasticity.


Gain an understanding of what you can do to improve your brain performance and help protect you against degenerative brain conditions.


Ro giving an explanation of how practical brain stimulation happens