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People in our programs have experienced substantial improvements in their sensory integration (improvements on how the brain and body communicate),  which results in them being able to deal with greater levels of stress in their lives without becoming fatigued, sick or injured. Each program is specifically designed for individual needs and is also very much concerned with the

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Advanced Wellness 

Advanced Wellness Programs

may assist with brain performance, emotional stability, PQ physical intelligence, EQ emotional intelligence, accelerated learning, improved balance, improved co-ordination, increased energy.

Smart Moves (for adults)


For individuals and groups

A 6 week program designed to improve brain, body & emotional stability.



Ro teaching a SBSM Smart Moves class at the Woodford Folk Festival
Smart Play (for kids)


For individuals and groups

A 6-week program designed to improve brain, body & behavioural stability and assist with learning difficulties, emotional & behavioural issues.

See below for what parents say about SBSM Smart Play (for kids)

SBSM Smart Play participant Che with his Dad.
Sensory motor mirror neuron game
Human Performance Potential


For individuals and groups


WATCH Ro speak about Exercise vs Mindful Movement
"What parents say" about
Smart Play (for kids)

The excitement my son felt every time he knew he was going for an appointment with Ro just made the efforts and experience working with him all the more worthwhile.


But he was actually working on my son’s eye tracking and self-regulation sensory needs with movement activities as well as incorporating relaxation and calming techniques.


Ro was so patient and engaging, my son enjoyed it thoroughly even to this day driving past the place where they used to work together the still remembers and wishes he could play games with Ro again.


Backed up with the decades of endless study, research and training that Ro has done you just trust his work implicitly and it pays off.  Thank you Rohan!  The wonderful work you did helped create the foundations we needed to assist Henry’s brain during the preschool years.


Henry's Mum

Ro & SBSM Smart Play participant Henry.
Hand eye balance co-ordination game

I took my 11 year old son to see Rohan on a recommendation from or Naturapath.

With an ASD diagnosis, severe anxiety and behaviour problems, I have tried multiple strategies over the past 4 years with very little success.
I honestly went in without to many expectations, but after just 2 sessions, I was extremely impressed. 

Rohan has been one of the very few people to connect with Koby, and takes the time to understand him and his individual needs.
His sessions are engaging; keeping Koby focused and interacting on a more personable level.

We have, as a result had many improvements in his behaviour & better recovery times after meltdowns.  
He has become stronger physically and mentally, and more self aware. 

We are extremely grateful for every session with Rohan. Finally we feel we are on a successful road to Koby becoming a awesome version of himself.

Marsha & Koby

Ro & SBSM Smart Play participant Koby