At SBSM we provide a wide range of body mind integrated therapies, treatments, programs and education, this includes;  Advanced rehabilitation programs, brain training programs, advanced wellness programs and corporate programs. We are a world-class, multi-disiplinary team of  mainstream and evidence based complimentary health & wellbeing practitioners,  which is particularly beneficial for complex health & wellbeing challenges.

Who is it designed for?
We design our programs for people who are committed to improving the quality of their lives. We all have different needs and challenges.
Condiitions such as: 

  • spinal cord injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, tetraplegia

  • stoke

  • MS

  • MND

  • PTSD

  • brain injury

  • auto-immune disease

  • neurodegenerative disease

  • palliative care

  • restricted movement, limited functional mobility

ABC 1233 Radio interview with Ro & MS client about Movement and neurological diseases

What is Smart Bodies Smarter Minds?

We combine the power of movement, neurological activation and natural nutrition to develop strength, stability and balance.

How does SBSM Work?


We take time to listen to your story and define what elements of your life are working for you and which are working against. We look at factors such as gestation, childhood trauma, illnesses, lifestyle, nutrition,  current emotional and stress levels.
We start with a comprehensive 3 dimensional assessment of your fundamental intelligences - your
IQ intelligence quotient, your EQ emotional intelligence and your PQ physical intelligence.
We believe the relationships between these 3 fundamental factors play a key role in your present state of wellness.


From there, we construct a program that consists of analyzing factors that have lead you to being where you are today. Click here to view our programs